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Managed Wi-Fi 

XY5 range of WiFi products are ideal for providing outdoor as well as in-building coverage for corporate, ISP and Telecom applications, using our high-quality telecom-grade solutions.
Highly integrated All-in-One Managed WiFi Hotspot unit with on-board authentication, bandwidth allocation, Firewall and QoS features for advanced users, corporate and carrier/ISP network deployments. Latest-generation standards including latest 802.11ac, 802.11n, 802.11a/b/g are fully supported.
Both Indoor and Outdoor versions of XY5 products are available, to allow WiFi to be extended outdoors in public spaces as well as indoors. Multi-Radio design can feature up to 4 WiFi radios inside a single unit.
Optional WiFi Mesh feature included to enable in-building or outdoor Mesh Networks to be extended where no physical infrastructure or cables are available.


XY5 Deployment Configurations and Scenarios

XY5 products can be deployed in many ways. Examples include;

• Stand-alone WiFi Access Point, with optional Hotspot feature integrated for Guest WiFi as well as Private Network.

• WiFi Configuration:
Connect several XY5 AP’s together using a self-configured Wireless Mesh, Point to Point, Point to Multipoint wireless backhaul
• Controller-based WiFi:
Use a central Controller running User Manager with multiple WiFi Access Points
• Cloud Managed Access Point:
Manage XY5 Access Point & Hotspot devices remotely
• WiFi with Backhaul:
Use dual-radio integrated wireless backhaul to get WiFi to where you need it
• WiFi with LTE:
Use XY5 with XY5 LTE CPEs for complete “off net” solutions including Hotspot and bandwidth capping.


XY5 Hotspot 

XY5 products and services include public internet access, retail, ISP, Service provider and corporate applications. Centralised controller-based solutions are available for large campus sites, hotels, airports and public spaces

Outline Specifications:

• All-in-One Managed WiFi Hotspot for public internet            access
• Centralised controller-based WiFi solutions for large-scale     deployments
• 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards – up to 867Mbps raw data    rate, 500Mbps+ net throughput
• New 802.11ac hotspot version available
• Onboard Authentication, NAT, DHCP, bandwidth allocation
• Firewall, QoS and multi-layered security features
• Remote Administration and Monitoring facilities
• Multi-layered security features, DOS and anti-virus features
• Multiple radio card options and extended frequency range options
• Includes Hotspot unit, Power supplies and integrated antennas


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